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We want you to have a News Room today ! 
We are concerned about the world's economy. The current situation does none of us any good, and we truly believe that full employment is the answer.  more

Therefore, we are offering incentives and discounts for new business start-ups and currently unemployed individuals to start your own  News Room  in order to make your information available to the potential market place.

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You as a person; a company or an organization have information - lots of it - in the form of documents, photos, videos, news interviews, magazine and newspaper articles; radio & TV interviews and more.

You have clients, potential customers, investors, suppliers, etc, who what to know more about you.

A NewsRoom organizes all these materials and provides an easy to find and use method of making the information available when the viewer wants to view them without waiting for you to find and send the information to them. view some examples  

Your News Room site should be an important component of your overall public relations (PR), media, sales and marketing plans. Editors and writers love photos. So, don't make it so difficult to find and download these images. 

You want to encourage an editor, or BLOG to use  your news in an article about you, your products and services - don't make it difficult for them to find out about you - or they may write about your competitor instead? 

Don't miss an opportunity to have your story told !

Avoid the delays and for only a small fee and a few minutes time plan and organize your information today - act now create your NewsRoom

Our main product and services are to: 

  • make sure that your site is found by those you want to have find it
  • make your News available to those you want to have view it
  • make it easy to contact you for additional information
  • make clients have a favorable memory of your company, your serves and you
our experienced staff will ...
  • Review & analyze your site's structure
  • Make a detailed plan to improve it's presence
  • List you in our WhoWhatWhereWhy Directory more info
  • Establish your Internet presence
  • Develop a NewsRoom for your organization more info
  • Setup your email and BLOG accounts example
  • Establish a .tel  domain for you more info
  • Consult about best practices for "branding" what's that
  • Host your domain names -- and a lot more !
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